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The most decisive competitive advantage comes not from what you sell, but how you sell.

20/20 Selling. For the win.

20/20 SELLING helps your salespeople take control of major opportunities and win them.

They will be able to accurately assess their position at any point in the process. They will gain insight about what it will take to win early enough to do something about it.

They will be able to to identify the real decision-makers and process. They will learn how to drive the right kind of value with the right people.

They will understand how to create, test and improve sales plans that put them on the right path to winning.


We start with a three-day seminar. People leave with knowledge, tools, resources, and tested plans for real opportunities. We support them with automatic and personal reinforcement. We support managers by helping implement best practices and strengthen the skills of salespeople. We also help you learn from wins and losses.


20/20 SELLING works because it's modern. It has an instant impact, because we immediately apply it to real opportunities. It sticks, because there is nothing pie-in-the-sky about it. It is streetwise. Your organization can actually use it. Salespeople can actually win more with it.

20/20 Selling

20/20 Selling is a hard-hitting, real-world, no-nonsense approach to managing and winning important, complex deals. Miles above the basics. Every participant leaves with a tested plan for winning an important opportunity.

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The Game

In a challenging, fun, competitive, and incredibly effective format, we teach salespeople how to survive and prosper in a highly-charged political environment. Great for team building, and the perfect add-on to a sales meeting.

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20/20 Essentials

You don't have to organize a major, expensive training event to help your salespeople burst out of the blocks with speed and power. We can deliver great results with web sessions that save huge amounts of time and money.

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