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It doesn't take a major training event to start the ball rolling and get fast, powerful results.

"What an amazing way to learn about the political side of selling!"

A Premise masterclass

Results in 27 Minutes
We created 20/20 ESSENTIALS for organizations that need to bring their sales game up a notch quickly, but do not yet have the time or resources for the in-depth training of 20/20 SELLING.

We have taken the absolutely critical topics, netted them out, and developed them as six dynamic, hard-hitting 27-minute sessions. They are most effective when combined, but each one stands on its own. Together or separately, each one helps salespeople do specific, mission-critical things.

Do participants get the full impact of 20/20 SELLING? No. Do they get great value and a head start that will make an immediate difference in their sales campaigns? Absolutely yes.

20/20 ESSENTIALS sessions are web-driven, but participants still get access to a top-flight instructor, still work on active deals, still get coached on them, and (in early 2014) get a free subscription to our online WINGMAN tool, which they can use to get help from colleagues and managers for any deal important enough to warrant it.
The most important things we know were learned in brief, clear lessons.

Each 20/20 ESSENTIALS module is built to pack a lot of information into a very short time. Everything in it can be — and should be — immediately applied in the field.

Currently there are six 20/20 ESSENTIALS programs. Navigate through a brief description of each one below. Click or touch "Keep me posted!" below and we will get back to you with details about when the next series of sessions begins.
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20/20 Selling

20/20 Selling is a hard-hitting, real-world, no-nonsense approach to managing and winning important, complex deals. Miles above the basics. Every participant leaves with a tested plan for winning an important opportunity.

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The Game

In a challenging, fun, competitive, and incredibly effective format, we teach salespeople how to survive and prosper in a highly-charged political environment. Great for team building, and the perfect add-on to a sales meeting.

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20/20 Essentials

You don't have to organize a major, expensive training event to help your salespeople burst out of the blocks with speed and power. We can deliver great results with web sessions that save huge amounts of time and money.

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