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Politics are a fact of organizational life. A game is being played. Salespeople need to know the rules.



The centerpiece of THE GAME is a dynamic software-driven simulation of a sales situation. Salespeople have to solve a difficult political challenge as they try to win an important opportunity. Everything they say and do — sometimes just the questions they ask — has an impact on what happens next, and whether they win or lose. Just like in real life.


Your salespeople gain insight about organizational politics, why they occur, how key people orchestrate political competition, how that competition sometimes becomes intense, and how to safely create personal, political value that produces advantage. By the time they leave, they have built political strength in the simulated situation and understand how to do so in real-life sales campaigns.


Here is some great news: we can do this in one half-day. THE GAME is an instructor-led session but the simulation really drives the process. It's the perfect add-on to a sales meeting where you already have the team together anyway.


Every so often, salespeople explain a loss by saying "it got all political." Stop losing those opportunities.

20/20 Selling

20/20 Selling is a hard-hitting, real-world, no-nonsense approach to managing and winning important, complex deals. Miles above the basics. Every participant leaves with a tested plan for winning an important opportunity.

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The Game

In a challenging, fun, competitive, and incredibly effective format, we teach salespeople how to survive and prosper in a highly-charged political environment. Great for team building, and the perfect add-on to a sales meeting.

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20/20 Essentials

You don't have to organize a major, expensive training event to help your salespeople burst out of the blocks with speed and power. We can deliver great results with web sessions that save huge amounts of time and money.

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